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Food Security

Food from small-scale family farms is often more expensive than food at chain grocery stores, putting it out of reach for many Adirondack families. It is also more sustainable, ethical, and better for our local economy. We are working towards a future in which Adirondack farmers can feed the region and local families can afford to buy local food by providing funding to purchase farm fresh products for qualifying families.

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Clean Water Safe Roads

Road Salt pollution is threatening Adirondack waters. Studies now show that Adirondack lakes and streams near roads are contaminated and drinking water wells are becoming contaminated at an alarming rate.

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Compost for Good

The goal of the Adirondack Compost for Good project is to help Adirondack communities turn food and other organic “wastes” into high-quality compost. This process keeps nutrients in the community, which builds local resilience, heals soils, and helps reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Adirondack Pollinator Project

We empower people to take individual and collective action to ensure a future where pollinators thrive, native habitat abounds, and Adirondack residents and visitors are engaged pollinator advocates.

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Art Festivals

Plein air (outdoor painting) festivals give artists the chance to sell their work while helping residents to see the beauty of their community through the eyes of talented painters.

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Past Projects

Land Bank Incubator

The Land Bank Project’s goal is to address the affordable housing shortage for low and middle income families in the Adirondacks by taking a lead role in catalyzing the development of a regional land bank.

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Student Film Festival

Beyond the Peaks film festival is a red carpet celebration of student creativity and talent that gives Adirondack youth an opportunity to learn filmmaking skills, a platform to have their voices heard, and a chance to win prizes!

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Tom Boothe Whitewater Park

The Tom Boothe Whitewater Park will add recreational value and support increased economic activities in downtown Saranac Lake. AdkAction transferred implementation of the park to the Village of Saranac Lake in 2022.

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Emergency Food Packages

In late March, 2020, AdkAction partnered with the Hub on the Hill to create Emergency Food Packages for local individuals and families facing food insecurity due to the COVID 19-crisis. These boxes of healthy food sourced from local farms were delivered to the doorsteps of Adirondack residents in need. The project overcame three of the most common barriers to healthy food access: cost, transportation, and cooking skill.

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Fair Property Assessments

Properties in the Adirondacks are unique and range from off-the-grid to great camp luxury. Over the years, we’ve hosted 4 conferences for property assessors to ensure that everyone gets a fair, consistent, and reliable assessment.

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Early Childhood Education

Experts have concluded that early childhood education, from birth to three years old, changes life outcomes dramatically. We were involved in the early stages of helping to form the Birth 2 Three Alliance in the Adirondacks.

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