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100% @100 Broadband Speed: What Have We Learned?

AdkAction has been focused on ensuring that the North Country will achieve as much of the state’s goal of 100 @ 100 (100% of the households in the area able to have access to 100 Mbps broadband speed or greater) as possible through the New NY Broadband Program and the Spectrum cable buildout.

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Emergency Food Packages

Emergency Food Packages Project Awarded $225,000 in Grant Funding

AdkAction and partners have been awarded $225,000 to continue the Emergency Food Packages project. With generous support from Adirondack Foundation, Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, and New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth), the Emergency Food Packages Project will continue to provide healthy, locally grown food to low-income and vulnerable Adirondack residents as the pandemic continues to diminish food access.

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Coronavirus Financial Impacts Could Benefit Pollinators

Over the next few years, the negative financial impact from the COVID virus could result in a positive effect on the ADK’s smallest and most venerable wildlife—pollinators. As NY State, County and Town budgets look to make cuts, the reduction or elimination of roadside mowing programs can yield budget savings while increasing pollinator habitat.

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Is Road Salt Costing Us More Than We Think?

Kelsey Bennett, AdkAction’s 2020 Road Salt Fellow from Colgate University examines recent economic research showing how road salt is costing governments and taxpayers billions in damages to bridges and vehicles; industry losses; and ecosystem service failures.

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