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Members are the lifeblood of AdkAction, generating ideas, inspiration, passion, and financial support to make our  projects possible. Members pay annual fees that keep our work going, and in return, receive the pride of taking action to improve the Adirondacks for future generations. 

$25 Student membership
$35 Starter membership, 35 and under
$75 Individual

$125 Couple or Family
$250 Sponsor
$500 Sustaining Member

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Your donations will help revitalize the communities in our region while ensuring that the natural resources that make our area so special stay pristine for future generations. AdkAction is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Your donation is tax-deductible.

If you would like to make a general donation, please click below. If you would like to donate to a specific project, please visit our project pages to locate the “Donate Directly to this Project” sections.

Perennial Memberships

Monthly or yearly recurring memberships are easy for you and a reliable source of income for us. The result? Meaningful giving without any fuss! Thank you. Perennial members are our annual automatic renewing supporters. This type of membership is a vital way to support AdkAction. 

Membership Auto-Renewal Set Up

Thank you for your interest in setting up auto-renewal for your AdkAction membership! We are thrilled to have your support! If you set up auto-renewal today, your membership will start today and renew automatically every year (don’t worry, you can cancel at anytime). 

If your membership is current, you will receive a refund for the prorated dues you have already paid towards this year’s membership fee. Please click the button below to set up auto-renewal. You can choose one of our suggested membership donation levels, or write-in an annual gift amount of your choosing. Thank you so much for supporting our work in this very important way. 

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