We empower people to take individual and collective action to ensure a future where pollinators thrive, native habitat abounds, and Adirondack residents and visitors are engaged pollinator advocates.


There are many threats to pollinators, including habitat loss and fragmentation, pesticide use, climate change, and disease. In 2011, AdkAction started working to increase awareness and habitats for monarch butterflies by designing and distributing milkweed seeds and informational brochures, and by sponsoring lectures and film showings. In 2016, AdkAction created The Adirondack Pollinator Project (APP) in order to expand its monarch butterfly education programming to include all pollinators. Our major partners are Lake Placid Land Conservancy, The Wild Center, and Paul Smiths College.

Our work includes public lecturers by distinguished experts, free film programming, and hands-on conservation by encouraging community volunteers and homeowners to plant for pollinators. We give out thousands of free seed packets every year and our annual online plant sale allows residents to plan their pollinator gardens and pre-order a variety of neonic-free pollinator plants designed to provide a diversity of nectar and pollen sources for local bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds. We also have a Mobile Pollinator Garden Trailer that we use to plant community-scale pollinator gardens around the Adirondacks.

In partnership with

Butterfly House

The Paul Smith’s College VIC is home to the Breck Chapin Native Species Butterfly House, featuring butterflies and moths in all stages of development. Open 11am-4pm, 7 days a week in summer, weather permitting. Also visit the outdoor pollinator gardens and talk with a naturalist.

Conservation Monitoring

LPLC’s Conservation Monitoring
Program helps landowners become
better stewards of their property
through citizen science monitoring of
pollinators, plants, and wildlife while
offering guidance for habitat
improvements and land use decisions.

Live Bee Hive

The Wild Center in Tupper
Lake, NY features live honey
bee hive exhibits both indoors and outside as well as educational programming and gifts related to pollinators. The Wild Center uses only native plants on its grounds and features abundant pollinator habitat. 

Our Impact

Free milkweed and native wildflower seed packets distributed since 2011
Pollinator-friendly plants sold
Pollinator gardens facilitated or planted through the project

Free Seeds to Help Pollinators

Each year, we offer free Native Wildflower seed packets to anyone who lives within the Adirondack Park to help increase native pollinator habitat. Planting native wildflower seeds is a perfect springtime activity and a great opportunity to get outside with your family.  Request seeds below. 

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Mobile Pollinator Garden Trailer


A pollinator garden is one planted mostly with flowers that provide nectar or pollen for a broad range of pollinating insects. Native flowering plants are best, and pesticides and other chemicals are avoided. These habitats can be beautiful and they attract birds and other wildlife in addition to pollinators. 

Our Mobile Pollinator Garden Trailer saves time, energy and resources as we install community pollinator gardens around the region, removing the need to duplicate efforts such as getting tools, supplies, mulch, soil or compost, and seeds. We make it easy for to create pollinator gardens and also provide expertise such as plant selection tips and garden design and layout options. The Mobile Pollinator Garden Trailer is made possible by a generous grant from Flow Hive

Our Pollinator Garden Assistance Program is rolling out again in 2021 to install 10 new community pollinator garden sites across the Adirondack region. Schools, libraries, hospitals, municipal parks, and other sites can apply below. The application is now closed for 2021, and the Adirondack Pollinator Project is evaluating all applications.

Special thanks to Honey Flow for grant support!

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Pollinator News


Pollinator Happy Hour Series

Gardeners and pollinator enthusiasts throughout the Adirondacks are invited to participate in an online series of Pollinator Happy Hours hosted by AdkAction’s Adirondack Pollinator Project

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Annual Plant Sale

"Pollinators Welcome" Sign
"Pollinators Welcome" Sign
Free with $80 purchase: use code BEEFRIENDLY



Do you love hummingbirds and butterflies? Want to make sure they are still around for the next generation to enjoy? Make a gift now to support our hands on pollinator conservation efforts. 

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