Reducing Road Salt

Road Salt pollution is threatening Adirondack waters. Studies now show that Adirondack lakes and streams near roads are contaminated and drinking water wells are becoming contaminated at an alarming rate.  We are working with a broad group of stakeholders to address this complex issue. 

Saving our water, protecting infrastructure

We have been working to reduce road salt pollution in the Adirondacks since 2010. We administer the Adirondack Road Salt Working Group to foster a unified regional strategy to reduce road salt pollution and to publicly recommend and support alternative deicing products/techniques and best management practices to help save our valuable water resources and protect private and public infrastructure and vehicles from corrosion. 

By partnering with local colleges, organizations, and private research firms, we help to uncover the true impacts of road salt in the Adirondacks. We sponsor research to get answers for our specific region and promote the sharing of research relevant to decision making for winter road maintenance. Focus areas include: surface water, ground water (including drinking water), economic impacts, and public health.

AdkAction has hosted five Road Salt Conferences to bring to light the harmful environmental, economic, and health impacts of over-salting our roadways. We have worked with the New York State Department of Transporation to establish six road salt pilot areas since 2011. We administer the Adirondack Road Salt Working Group, designed to engage regional stakeholders in identifying gaps in knowledge of road salt impacts and evaluate safe and effective alternatives that will lead to a reduction in the use of road salt. In 2018, AdkAction leadership was appointed to the Strategic Road Salt Working Group, a chartered committee consisting of decision-makers at NYS Department of Transporation, Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Health, Independent Researchers, and advocacy organizations.

Our Impact

Plow operators and managers trained on best practices for reducing road salt.
Municipalities in the Adirondacks which have signed on to our MOU Pledge to Reduce Road Salt.
Total number of NYS DOT pilots initiated because of our work.

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Road salt is wreaking havoc on our fresh Adirondack water and costing individual and government millions in corrosion damages. Will you pitch in stop the overuse of road salt?


Pledge to Reduce Road Salt 

Municipalities across the Adirondacks are signing on to our Pledge to Reduce Road Salt MOU to show their support for our vision of a Park-wide salt reduction strategy. 

Download the Pledge here. Interested municipalities are asked to pass a resolution in favor of signing the Pledge and to returns signed pledges to Pledge to reduce road salt MOU

Road Map to Reduce Road Salt

Easy to read research summaries detailing the local impacts of road salt pollution and a listing of best practices for salt reduction. 

Download the digital version  here (ADK Action Road Salt Digital Brochure (1).pdf) or request a hardcopy by emailing

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