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Get to Know Us

Our mission

AdkAction creates projects that address unmet needs, promote vibrant communities, and preserve the natural beauty of the Adirondacks for all.

Our vision

AdkAction and its projects will significantly improve the social, economic, and cultural lives of local residents and enhance the long term natural resources and character of the Park.

Our Values

We believe:

People and nature thrive together. By creating effective and equitable short and long-range projects, we help ensure the future of our region is bright.

There is value in taking a holistic approach to complex problems. We try multifaceted, innovative, and collaborative strategies to reach shared goals.

Our work derives from and is for the community. We bring an orientation of openness, sincerity, and respect to the ways we engage everyone in the Adirondacks. We prioritize the lived experiences of others.

In diversity, equity, belonging, and justice. We are committed to lifting and amplifying diverse voices that foster respect and equality both within our organization and in our communities.

In ethical integrity and professional excellence across our organizational culture, decision making, governance, financial management, and community impact.

In fostering transparent, positive, and honest communication to respectfully and courageously address and resolve conflict in ways that build greater
strength, capacity, and trust.

We believe the Adirondacks are for all.

Our diversity, equity and inclusion statement


AdkAction recognizes that as a state park, the Adirondack Park belongs to all New Yorkers and, at the same time, serves as an international model for sustainable development, balancing the needs of people and the natural systems on which they depend. We also recognize that all people, those who live here and those who visit here, have a crucial interest in protecting, enhancing, and experiencing the intrinsic beauty, abundant biodiversity, and vitality of the Adirondack Park and its communities, and that all are entitled to equal access to the Park’s public lands. We recognize that people’s Adirondack experiences are not uniformly positive and that some residents and visitors feel unwelcome to explore, participate in, and benefit from the region’s many and varied opportunities. All of us at AdkAction, individually and collectively, condemn negative and hurtful acts of discrimination, exclusion, and racism that have diminished the promise of the Adirondacks. We pledge ourselves to find and incorporate perspectives in our work that will make the Adirondacks more welcoming to diverse traditions, cultures, values, identities, and ways of life. We commit ourselves to lift and amplify diverse voices that foster respect and equality both within our organization and in our communities. In light of these principles and values, AdkAction will actively work to ensure that our projects are beneficial, inclusive, and open to all.

Our Projects

We work to limit pollution from road salt, expand internet access, conserve pollinator habitat, revitalize communities, promote artists, and improve quality of life in the rural communities of the Adirondack park. Learn about our diverse portfolio of active projects:

Food Security

Food from small-scale family farms is often more expensive than food at chain grocery stores, putting it out of reach for many Adirondack families. It is also more sustainable, ethical, and better for our local economy. We are working towards a future in which Adirondack farmers can feed the region and local families can afford to buy local food by providing funding to purchase farm fresh products for qualifying families.

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Clean Water Safe Roads

Road Salt pollution is threatening Adirondack waters. Studies now show that Adirondack lakes and streams near roads are contaminated and drinking water wells are becoming contaminated at an alarming rate.

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Compost for Good

The goal of the Adirondack Compost for Good project is to help Adirondack communities turn food and other organic “wastes” into high-quality compost. This process keeps nutrients in the community, which builds local resilience, heals soils, and helps reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Broadband for All

We are working to create universal access to high-speed broadband in the Adirondacks.

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Incubator: Long Term Rental Catalyst

The Land Bank Project’s goal is to address the affordable housing shortage for low and middle income families in the Adirondacks by taking a lead role in catalyzing the development of a regional land bank.

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Adirondack Pollinator Project

We empower people to take individual and collective action to ensure a future where pollinators thrive, native habitat abounds, and Adirondack residents and visitors are engaged pollinator advocates.

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Art Festivals

Plein air (outdoor painting) festivals give artists the chance to sell their work while helping residents to see the beauty of their community through the eyes of talented painters.

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