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Create. Promote. Preserve.

AdkAction creates projects that address unmet needs, promote vibrant communities, and preserve the character of the Adirondacks. We work to limit pollution from road salt, expand internet access, conserve pollinator habitat, revitalize communities, promote artists, and improve quality of life in the rural communities of the Adirondack park. Want to learn more? Watch the video now and then check out our current projects.

We are a membership organization.

Members are the lifeblood of AdkAction, generating ideas, inspiration, passion, and financial support to make our many projects possible. Members pay annual fees that keep our work going, and in return, receive the pride of taking action to improve the Adirondacks for future generations.

Membership is open to all students, individuals, families, and business that are interested in the future of the Adirondacks. All paid members can vote in our elections and are invited to attend our annual meeting. Every member will receive a copy of our quarterly newsletter, and the satisfaction of being a part of solutions that benefit everyone in the Adirondacks.

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Local food has innumerable benefits, yet not everyone has easy access in our communities. The Farmacy Project works to make local food easier to find, buy, and eat, even when other grocery options are not available.

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Emergency Food Packages

AdkAction has partnered with the Hub on the Hill to create Emergency Food Packages that contain one week’s worth of meals. We received a grant for $7000 from Adirondack Foundation’s Special and Urgent Needs Fund to kick off this initiative.

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Compost for Good

The goal of the Adirondack Compost for Good project is to help Adirondack communities turn food and other organic “wastes” into high-quality compost. This process keeps nutrients in the community, which builds local resilience, heals soils, and helps reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

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