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Andrea Dumas, Mayor of Malone, delivering an Emergency Food Package to a family in Northern Franklin County. Photo credit: Ben Stechschulte 

Emergency Food Packages

In late March, 2020, AdkAction partnered with the Hub on the Hill to create Emergency Food Packages (EFPs) that each contained about 15 healthy fresh meals for local individuals and families facing food insecurity due to the COVID 19 crisis.

These boxes of healthy food sourced from local farms were then delivered to the doorsteps of Adirondack residents facing food insecurity. The EFP project was designed to overcome three of the most common barriers to healthy food access:

  1. Cost – EFPs were provided free of charge
  2. Transportation – EFPs were delivered to recipient’s doors
  3. Cooking skill – EFPs included a combination of fresh ingredients requiring minimal preparation and prepared frozen meals

The project took off like wildfire, with rapid design and implementation followed by an unbelievable outpouring of community support. Over 700 individual donors and generous seed funding by the Adirondack Foundation propelled the project forward, raising over $145,000 in just 10 weeks. 

To select recipients, AdkAction worked with partner agencies with a long history of serving food insecure individuals. We served over 300 households, most on a recurring weekly basis to make sure they consistently have enough to eat through the global pandemic. 

Examples of the prepared meals included in the packages are sausage goulash, butternut squash soup, bbq pulled pork, enchiladas, and cornbread, and beef stew. Packages included a dozen farm eggs, creamline yogurt, granola made from scratch, and freshly baked bread are in the box, alongside fresh greens and snacks. Nearly 20 farms and 75 farmworkers have been supported by this project.

Incorporating local farms into our food access work is important to us as we strive to build long-term sustainability and resilience into our food system, and are committed to keeping our Adirondack neighbors fed with not just any calories, but fresh and nutritious food that nourishes the whole person and the whole community. To put it plainly: the contents of the Emergency Food Packages contain the very best that our region has to offer and the donations that made them possible directly supported hard working farmers.

Caption: Contents of an Emergency Food Package include fresh greens, apples, eggs, granola, shepherds pie, maple yogurt, a fresh loaf of bread, and more. Photo credit: Ben Stechschulte

We can't say "thank you" enough!

Our donors helped us raise over $150,000 to provide more than 64,000 meals to our Adirondack friends and neighbors facing food insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences.

We are amazed at the generosity that our community has shown to support this project. This has been the single most ambitious project that we have ever launched and it has been matched with an outpouring of support exceeding anything we have ever experienced firsthand. It has been an “all hands on deck” kind of project and while the goal has been reached, the work is far from over. We will continue to work diligently with our partners at the Hub on the Hill to make sure that your donations are put to work to feed neighbors, support farmers, and uplift our region.

We want to take the time to thank some of the individuals, farmers, and partner organizations that have contributed. Adirondack Foundation, Cloudsplitter Foundation, The Hub on the Hill, Joint Council for Economic Opportunity, United Way of the Adirondack Region, Adirondack Community Action Program, Essex Farm Institute at the Adirondack Council, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and so many more. 

Donations that we received beyond the stretch goal continue to support the work that AdkAction and the Hub on the Hill are doing to build a more resilient local food that will outlast the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more on our Fair Food Pricing project page

Thank you to everyone for supporting this wonderful work!  With your help, our region will emerge from this crisis with a stronger food system than ever before.

Photo courtesy Adirondack Foundation, (c) Erika Bailey. 

How to Request an Emergency Food Package

To request an Emergency Food Package, please contact one of the agencies below depending on your location. 


Number of Emergency Food Packages distributed in the North Country
Number of meals provided to families and individuals during COVID-19
Number of farmers and local producers supported during this crisis

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AdkAction is committed to increasing access to local food for low-income Adirondack residents. Please make a donation today to help us continue to support local farmers and to ensure that all residents, especially the most vulnerable, get access to healthy, local food.