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Compost for Good

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Compost for Good

AdkAction’s Compost for Good Project is proud to share resources for composting at various scales, including free, open-source design and operations manuals for community-scale compost equipmentLearn more on our Compost for Good project page and connect with the Compost for Good team on our Facebook page:

Upcoming food waste law will bring new opportunities and new challenges to communities across NYS 

By John Culpepper, Katie Culpepper, and Jennifer Perry, Compost for Good Beginning January 1st, 2022, the Food Donation and Food Scraps Recycling Law (FDFSRL) will be enacted through the NYSDEC

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Compost Café Series

In our first series of Compost Cafés –a friendly open forum for discussing questions related to composting at any scale–Compost for Good co-founders John Culpepper and Katie Culpepper shared information

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Yes, In My Backyard: Composting Within the Adirondack Park

Food waste generated within the Adirondacks is often trucked to landfills miles outside of the Park. What if we captured this valuable organic matter to create a high value product, and keep that value within the Blue Line?

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Composting Solutions Tree

Do you want to start composting, but you are not sure where to start? Have you already started composting but you are running into issues? Use the decision tree below to get advice on how to take the next step in your composting journey. If you do not find the answers you are looking for here, you are welcome to email [email protected] to ask more specific composting questions. Enjoy!

Kiss the Ground is a phenomenal resource for all things to do with regenerative efforts and climate change action.Visit the Find Your Path section on to map your individualized path in the movement. Whether you are most excited about composting, activism, soil science or even fashion, this is a fantastic place to begin your journey!

Cornell Waste Management Institute’s School Composting – Let’s Get Growing! guide is ideal for teachers and student leaders interested in starting or improving a composting program at their school. It includes information about all different kinds of compost programs, as well as tips for troubleshooting your compost pile and frequently asked questions about school composting.

Biocycle is the go-to publication on composting, organics recycling,  policies and regulations, and community outreach and education has a wealth of articles about organics recycling. This article in particular provides a look into composting happening on college campuses across the United States: College Students Initiate Food Waste Diversion

The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute provides resources about pollution prevention in general, and has fantastic information about food waste diversion. P2I works with and provides resources to communities, municipalities, and schools to help divert more food waste from landfills. 

Video Library

DIY Compost System: Compost for Good co-founder Katie Culpepper walks you through the steps to make a 3-bin compost system out of pallet wood:

NY Food Scraps Recycling Law: is your community ready? AdkAction and Compost for Good hosted an event to help municipal officials and community advocates understand the new law, and to introduce various options for composting. Representatives from NYS DEC joined us to discuss the new law as well as the Climate Smart Communities program. 

Learn about Reclaiming Urine as a Resource in this presentation by the Compost for Good team at the Rich Earth Institute’s Virtual Summit.

Learn about Compost for Good’s drum composter design in this session at the Vermont Organics Recycling Summit.

Learn about the profound role that composting can play in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions in this presentation from NCAT’s Soil Health Innovations Conference.