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Get your municipality involved in Clean Water Safe Roads

Is your municipality a member of the Clean Water, Safe Roads Network? Check this list below to see if your community is a member of the Network. If not, we encourage you to reach out to your local highway department and share the following information about our initiative with them. We’ve included an email or letter template below for you to use and share to encourage participation in the Clean Water, Safe Roads Network. 

Participating municipalities:

  • Peru
  • Plattsburgh
  • Washington County
  • Saranac
  • Ausable
  • Chesterfield

    Municipalities who have expressed interest or joined for a training:

    • Wilmington
    • Village of Saranac Lake
    • Harrietstown
    • Jay
    • Keene
    • St. Regis
    • Franklin

    Suggested wording for letter or email

    Copy and paste the text below as a starting point for your letter or email

    Dear [Town Supervisor’s Name],

    I am writing as a concerned member of our community to express my strong commitment to the preservation of our local environment and water quality. I would like to encourage our highway department to consider joining the AdkAction Clean Water, Safe Roads Partnership, an inter-municipal network dedicated to advancing sustainable winter road maintenance practices in the greater Adirondack region. 

    The excessive use of road salt has become a significant concern in our region. While road salt is essential for winter road safety, its overuse can have severe environmental and infrastructural consequences. AdkAction’s Clean Water, Safe Roads Network is at the forefront of addressing this issue by promoting sustainable and environmentally responsible road maintenance practices for local municipalities.

    By becoming a member of this network, our highway department can access a wealth of resources, expertise, and technical guidance to reduce road salt usage while maintaining the highest standards of safety. This collaboration not only demonstrates our commitment to protecting our local environment but also strengthens our community’s resilience in the face of changing weather patterns and environmental challenges.

    Participating departments can also access valuable technical advisement from WIT Advisers, ensuring that our road maintenance practices align with the latest advancements in sustainable winter road maintenance.

    I kindly request that you explore the possibility of our highway department becoming a member of AdkAction’s Clean Water, Safe Roads Partnership. Your leadership in adopting these responsible practices would be a significant step toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to road maintenance in our community. I believe that together, we can find innovative solutions that prioritize safety while minimizing our impact on the environment.

    I am eager to hear your thoughts on this matter and would be pleased to discuss it further if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your attention to this important issue, and I look forward to your response.


    [Your name]