The Farmacy is a partnership between AdkAction and Keeseville Pharmacy, which serves as a model for bringing healthy local food to rural communities. We replicated the model at Mountain Weavers Farm Store in Port Henry in August 2019.

Making it easy to find, buy, and eat local.

The Farmacy is a project that began in 2017 to increase food access in Keeseville, where there are high levels of food insecurity. In 2013, Mac’s Market in Keeseville closed down. As a result of this closure, residents were left with the choice to drive to Peru or Plattsburgh for groceries or buy processed foods from one of many convenience and dollar stores in the community. The Farmacy is a unique non-profit/for-profit partnership between AdkAction and the Keeseville Pharmacy that was formed with the mission of increasing access to local, healthy food to all residents of Keeseville. While some rural communities, such as Keeseville, cannot sustain a traditional year-round grocery store, this business model provides another option whereby an existing business incorporates a farm grocery section into its storefront.  This allows access to groceries without incurring the operating costs of opening and operating a new store.

The goal of this business model is to reduce the risk of food insecurity by providing healthy grocery options, as well as the tools and education to properly prepare and consume them. To increase awareness and education around using local foods, the Farmacy has hosted community cooking classes, onsite tasting events, weekly recipes, and incentive programs to remove obstacles to healthy cooking with local ingredients. Dan Bosley, the owner of the Keeseville Pharmacy, has adopted the slogan “Good Health Starts at the Table”, with that belief that food is a tool for good health. Currently, the Keeseville “Farmacy” accepts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. 

In 2019, AdkAction replicated this mixed-use business model at Mountain Weavers Farm Store in Port Henry. The Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store is a unique partnership between AdkAction and Mountain Lake Services. Similar to the Farmacy project, the mission of this project is to increase accessibility of local, healthy food for communities by incorporating a farm store into an existing business. The Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store project stocks its shelves with local produce, dairy, meat, eggs, and value-added products from farms and food processors alongside high quality baskets handmade by Mountain Lake Services residents.

Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store hosts educational programs to promote healthy, local eating in the community, such as cooking classes, tasting events, recipe cards, and educational agricultural materials. The Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store
employs Mountain Lake Services residents to staff the farm store, providing work opportunities to residents while building strong skill sets and great community experience.

The Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store in Port Henry, NY accepts all tenders, including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program vouchers (FMNP).

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The Well Fed Essex County Collaborative is focused on increasing healthy food access for all people in Essex County, with a focus on vulnerable residents through mutually reinforcing projects. All projects are heavily focused on distribution and consumption with the overall goal of increasing access to healthy (and local if possible) food.  AdkAction is a partner of the Well Fed Essex Collaborative with our Keeseville Farmacy project, Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store in Port Henry, educational outreach and cooking classes. 

By working with the Well Fed Essex Collaborative, we are putting resources together to bridge the gap between producers and their community–in return, this puts money back into local economies and promotes vibrant communities in the North Country, while ensuring that all people have access to the bounty of our region.


Healthy ADK has great information and data on Access to Healthy and Afforadble Foods for people living in the North Country region. Learn about the prevelance of famers markets in our area, food insecurity rates, grocery store density, and more.

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