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AdkAction is the new host of the Adirondack Food System Network

The Adirondack Food System Network is pleased to announce the 6th annual Food Justice Summit. “Stronger Together” is the theme of the full-day conference, and with fifteen organizations now a part of the network, regional collaboration around this topic has never been stronger. 

The Adirondack Food System Network is a coalition of multiple organizations working together as equal partners to better understand system-wide issues, identify gaps and develop realistic solutions to help strengthen and promote a more resilient food system. It includes representatives from production, consumption, distribution, processing, and food waste management for a comprehensive approach to problems facing our region.

The Food Justice Summit will bring together leaders across the twelve counties of the Adirondack Park and from all walks of life to discuss pressing topics related to equitable food systems. Its purpose is to empower individuals to become advocates for food justice and to create lasting, positive change in their communities.  

Organizers of this year’s summit are seeking proposals for presentation sessions, interactive workshops, and a keynote speaker on the theme of partnership. The event will take place February 29, 2024 at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY. Proposals must be received no later than January 15, 2024. Details can be viewed at the Network’s new website:

Beyond the one-day summit, the Adirondack Food System Network is working throughout the year to advance innovative solutions through lasting collaborations that strengthen and improve our regional food system for individuals, the environment and the economy. Thanks to a newly awarded $99,935 grant from the New York Health Foundation (NYHealth), the Summit will kick off a year of regional roundtables and workshops to bring and build capacity in the North Country, supported by a new Program Manager position. 

The fifteen Steering Committee member organizations recently released a strategic plan to guide this work. More organizations, agencies, and businesses involved in our food system are encouraged to sign up for the Network’s newsletter, and will soon be invited to join its membership in 2024.

Earlier this year, AdkAction became the new host organization of the Adirondack Food System Network. “As a founding member of the Steering Committee, we are so proud to be a strong champion for the Network as its new fiscal sponsor. Together, we are doing what no individual organization can do alone, and all Adirondack families stand to benefit” said Sawyer Bailey, Executive Director of AdkAction. 

Since 2020, the Steering Committee has played an invaluable role developing the Network. It is thanks to their unwavering dedication that these milestones are possible.

“Essex Food Hub is proud to be part of our collaborative Adirondack Food System Network, recognizing that together we can cultivate a sustainable and inclusive approach to nourishing our communities. NYHealth funding and the recently released strategic plan are two exciting developments that will help the network amplify its impact and grow our shared commitment to strengthening and promoting a more resilient regional food system.” – Kim La Reau, Director of Outreach at Essex Food Hub

“LivingADK is just so excited that there is a move towards greater connectivity within the organizations already working in food security in the Adirondack Park. Despite the complexity we face in our food systems, there is no doubt that collaboration and partnership are the pathways to success.” – Daniel KieferBach, LivingADK Community Development Specialist

“Members of Adirondack Food System Network came together during the pandemic and quickly found that together, they could better address access to nutritious food in our very rural region. Adirondack Foundation is proud to have supported the launch of AFSN and thanks to NY Health Foundation the Network will be able to work together to ensure all of our neighbors enjoy greater health.” – Lori Bellingham, Vice President for Community Impact Adirondack Foundation

“The fact that individuals and organizations are coming together in the name of collaboration to tackle some of our region’s most challenging and intractable issues highlights the importance of this work and the need for a multifaceted approach to nourish our region. Comfort Food of Washington County is excited to join this partnership to advance the collective voice of our communities and cultivate a stronger and more resilient food system for all.” – Josh Stephani, Food & Farm Hub Manager at Comfort Food of Washington County.

“Collaboration and coordination of efforts are necessary to address the diverse challenges that face our local food system. By providing the space and resources to facilitate these, the AFSN is well positioned to drive the change needed to make our food system more resilient and just.” – Adam Dewbury, Local Food System Program Director, ANCA

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