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Broadband News

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Franklin County legislature urges Congress to continue affordable broadband program

February 2024 – County legislators passed a resolution, offered from the floor, urging Congress to continue funding an affordable broadband connectivity program beyond April 2024

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Broadband and Cellular Connectivity in the 2024 Blueprint for the Blue Line

December 2023 – The Adirondack Common Ground Alliance issued recommendations for state action to benefit the Adirondacks, distilled from forum discussions concerning broadband and cellular connectivity, childcare and workforce in vibrant communities, invasive species, the Environmental Bond Act, climate change, and housing.

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While broadband is available to most Adirondack residents, gaps remain

August 2023 – Dozens of collaborators—regional advocates, economic development officials, local/regional elected officials, and state/federal agencies—are working to take advantage of one part of the 2021 federal infrastructure law designed to expand availability of broadband internet access to even the most remote areas.

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Broadband for All Project Updates

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The COVID-19 Pandemic exposed the gaps in our region’s broadband coverage as schools, work, and healthcare moved online. Learn more about the problems faced by Adirondackers without high-speed internet during the pandemic’s early months in the video segments from Mountain Lake PBS.

"Is broadband universally recognized as a necessity? I think before the pandemic, you could have had an interesting debate about that, but after COVID hit, there was no question: it is an absolute necessity."