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Upper Jay Library Garden

On July 13th folks, from the Adirondack Pollinator Project and Upper Jay community members came together to put in three new honeycomb planters in front of the Wells Memorial Library. These planters are chalk full of all sorts of native northeast wildflowers that are specifically chosen to benefit local pollinator species. 

These planters were installed thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of eight wonderful volunteers! We were also able to clear and seed an area along the riverside behind the library where the board hopes to place a bench, creating a space for visitors to read outside and appreciate the natural landscape. We refrained from mulching this area, a method we practice at all of our garden sites, as there are many bees that prefer access to bare soil to better tunnel and construct nests in. Approximately 70% of the 20,000 species of native bees in North America nest in the ground. We hope that those stopping by to grab a book will enjoy the new garden areas just as the local pollinators will!