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SNAP Online Guide

The guide below, Modernizing Food Access with SNAP Online, is a resource designed for community food system retailers who are looking for information on how to leverage technology to expand markets, bring delivery services to food deserts, and drive sustainability and equity in their communities. The intent of the guide is to help these smaller retailers navigate the process of becoming approved to accept SNAP online in the hopes that this method of food access will help fill the meal gap in America. It is our attempt to shed light on the time, resources, and actions that were required to get the Hub authorized so that other small food systems retailers are a little more informed and prepared for the road ahead than we were.

After all, groceries purchased online and delivered directly to homes have the potential to transform the way Americans get their food. As more small, independent retailers are able to offer digital points of sale along with door-to-door delivery, equitable access in food deserts, will reduce the transaction cost of getting food from small farms to consumers who have limited mobility and resources.