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Inspiring individual and collective action  to help pollinators thrive.

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The mission of the Adirondack Pollinator Project is to build understanding about the global and local importance of pollinators, and to empower people to take individual and collective action to help pollinators thrive. 


AdkAction, with our returning project partners The Wild Center, The Lake Placid Land Conservancy, and Common Ground Gardens, are currently developing an exciting new program for 2018 for The Adk Pollinator Project. The program will again include distinguished guest speakers and lectures, distribution of complimentary pollinator seed packets and educational brochures, pollinator garden demonstration events, and much more. Please check back in March 2018 for a complete project program.


On September 30, 2017, forty guests joined us for a delicious locally-pollinated meal served inside a 100-foot greenhouse dripping with tomato plants.  Enjoy the photos to the left and make a point to join us for next year's benefit dinner!


1. Plant a pollinator garden - Pollinators need a variety of pollen and nectar sources.  Click here to download a guide to native pollinator plants for the Northeastern United States. 

2. Encourage your workplace and community institutions to landscape with pollinators in mind.  Recommend fewer short green lawns and more vibrant native flowering plants!

3. Abstain from using pesticides and herbicides. Pick weeds by hand instead of spraying chemicals that are toxic to pollinators.

4. Buy local and organic produce when possible. Conventionally grown crops often rely on mono-cropping, which is highly destructive to pollinator habitat. Become a patron of your local farmers’ market and natural food stores, and look for the USDA organic label when shopping.

5. Become a member of - Amplify your impact by supporting the programming we provide through the Adirondack Pollinator Project. Join now. 

6. Join citizen-science efforts - Visit: to learn how to monitor pollinators on your property with the help of the Lake Placid Land Conservancy.


Lake Placid Land Conservancy and The Adirondack Pollinator Project want to help you learn how to identify and monitor pollinators. Whether you download an app and start collecting data, or enroll your property in a monitoring program, you will be helping to conserve pollinator habitat in a meaningful way. No lab coat required. 


Have you ever admired a flower and wondered what it was called or seen a butterfly and wished to know its name? iNaturalist will not only allow you to deepen your understanding of the flora and fauna you encounter, but will also help create a large poll of data that can aid in local and national conservation efforts. 

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LPLC's Conservation Monitoring Program 

Learn whether your property is suitable for pollinators, for instance, by looking at specific habitat requirements, such as open space and a diversity of flowering plants. We will then enroll eligible landowners who will observe for the presence of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Landowners will record their observations which will be entered into a public database where the data can then be easily reviewed and organized. If the property supports a more intensive project and the landowner is willing, LPLC will then reach out to expert scientists to implement more thorough protocols for monitoring.

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AdkAction gratefully acknowledges the support of our members, without them, none of our projects would be possible. 

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