Packera aurea – Golden Groundsel

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Water: Medium to wet
Ideal Light: Full sun to part shade
Soil: Rich, acidic soils
Height: 6 inches to 2 feet
Bloom time: Spring

Pollinator Benefits: Attracts carpenter bees, cuckoo bees, and various sweat bees. Several types of pollinating flies, including syrphid flies, will also visit golden groundsel.

Care: Blooms well in shady locations. Soils should not be allowed to dry out. Freely self-seeds and is easily grown from seed. Naturalizes into large colonies in optimum growing conditions. Remove flowering stems after bloom/seed dispersal. Basal foliage will serve as an attractive ground cover throughout the growing season as long as consistent moisture is provided.

Photo by and (c)2007 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man), CC BY-SA 2.5 , via Wikimedia Commons

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