Student Art Contest

at the

Keeseville Community Arts Festival

Art Festivals


After tabulating the votes, we ended up with three winners and two honorable mentions in our Keeseville Community Arts Festival student art contest, who will each receive a gift card for ice cream!

1. Gather your supplies

Paper should be no larger than 12″ x 18″  so it can fit into the contest drop box. If you need paper, you can pick up paper at any contest drop box – check the list below for locations!

Your artwork can be a painting, drawing, collage… anything you can put on paper! The Keeseville Library will have art supply kits available starting June 18 (while supplies last).

2. Create your masterpiece

Choose one of these themes for your artwork:

Seen Near Here
Create a picture of nature, a landmark, or a building in or near Keeseville. If you’ve seen it near here, you can make it the subject of your artwork!

What Brings Us Together
Create a representation of what you think makes a community come together. You might choose an abstract idea like “treating others with kindness” or depict actions like “helping out your neighbors” or even things that physically bring us together, like a school sporting event.

3. Submit your creation

On the back of your artwork, CLEARLY print your:

Grade just completed
School (or Camp)
Title of your Artwork
Mailing Address
Phone Number

Then drop off your completed creation before July 16 at the Keeseville Library, or any of the artwork dropbox locations listed below.

Artwork Drop Box Locations

When you’ve completed your artwork, drop it off at one of the following locations. Each drop box is also stocked with paper that you can use to create your submission!

Keeseville Free Library
1729 Front Street, Keeseville
Check website for hours

Keeseville Pharmacy
1730 Front Street, Keeseville
Open Monday – Friday 8-6 & Saturday 9-3

Group Submissions: Are you a teacher, daycare provider, summer camp, or other group that wants to use the art contest in the classroom or as an activity? In addition to the drop boxes listed above, you can mail a packet of artwork to AdkAction, PO Box 64, Keeseville NY 12944 or contact us at to arrange an artwork pickup. Just make sure entries are received by July 16!