Thank you for ordering seeds from AdkAction’s Adirondack Pollinator Project!  You are one of many individuals whose actions, taken together, will make a huge impact. Here’s a quick planting guide to help you give your seeds the best start: 

Below are some resources and information to help you continue promoting habitat for pollinators:


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5th Annual Native Plant Sale

AdkAction’s Adirondack Pollinator Project is delighted to offer its 5th Annual Pollinator-Friendly Native Plant Sale. Whether you plant a few plants or many, you will help rebuild

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Winter Planting Guide

Mother Nature plants seeds in winter, and so can you! Bees, butterflies, and other pollinator populations are declining due to pesticide use, disease and parasite

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Do you love hummingbirds and butterflies? Want to make sure they are still around for the next generation to enjoy? Make a gift now to support our hands on pollinator conservation efforts. 

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