Nourishing Our Neighbors

AdkAction’s Fair Food Program provides funding to qualified households to purchase sustainable locally-produced fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and value-added goods sold at a growing list of local farmers’ markets and farm stores.

November 29th is Giving Tuesday – the internationally recognized day to contribute to charity.

Help us meet our Giving Tuesday Goal:

We’re looking for 5 donations supporting our food security work in each of the Adirondack neighborhoods below. That’s it! Make a donation of any size to be one of the 30 people who will support our food security work today

Direct your donation by clicking on the map or associated donation button or make a donation to expand this program to unserved communities. Your gift to our Fair Food Program fund will help families and small producers in your chosen community. 

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Progress to goal:

Ausable Valley
Central Champlain
Northern Champlain
Southern Champlain

You may also make a non-directed donation at the button below, and we will put your funding to work where it is needed most:

Thank you!