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Westport Central School Garden

One of our final garden installments of the summer took place last Thursday at Westport Central School. We were able to collaborate with Meghan Brooks of Cornell Cooperative Extension and Kye Perry from the Westport summer camp program to have over a dozen students from Kindergarten to sixth grade assists us with the install. Thanks also to Carly Summers from CCE for all your help with prep and installation. We also had the company of Sara Ruberg from the Adirondack Explorer who will be writing about the install in the next edition of the magazine that arrives in September! 

The garden install began with a brief introduction to explain what a pollinator is, why they are important and how native wildflower gardens like the one we installed can help conserve these incredibly crucial critters. The students then helped us to place and transplant the wildflowers into their new home. As many of the students come from an agricultural background, they were knowledgeable of planting protocols and were excited to play in the dirt! However, all the students were shocked to learn of the massive role pollinators play in our food system, as bees, butterflies, moths, and birds can be thanked for approximately a third of the food we eat!

Thank you to our volunteers and we hope that students and pollinators alike will enjoy the garden as it continues to grow!