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Adirondack Woodcraft Camps Garden

Adirondack Woodcraft Camps in Old Forge was the site of one of the Pollinator Project’s final garden installments of the summer. Adirondack Woodcraft Camps has been in operation since 1925, helping campers from all around the world learn and grow while experiencing the great outdoors of the Adirondack region. 

The install took place last Tuesday where we had the pleasure of working with over thirty amazing campers from ages 8 to 16! We started off by pulling up the sod on a small plot near the lakefront swimming area. The campers then helped us to pull up any weeds that were left over while mixing in nutrient-rich compost that had been donated by a local farmer. After the soil was prepped it was time to plant! Campers dug holes in the freshly turned soil and planted butterfly weed, cone flowers, turtlehead and bee balm. We also decided to sow in a few packets of our pollinator seeds that contain 24 different varieties of northeast native wildflowers. Over the course of our Pollinator Project we have been able to give away over 50,000 of these packets to help community members create new pollinator habitat all over the Adirondacks. 

Thanks again to all of our new friends in Old Forge for your passion for pollinators and  helping us plant this new garden!